6 Steps of a Proper Parking Garage Cleaning

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Keeping your garage clean and maintained can increase the value of your garage and prolong its operational life! With many people staying home during COVID-19, we thought it would be a good time to share some educational advice on parking lot maintenance. Check out this short read to learn about the Pentagon Property Services parking garage cleaning steps! 

1. Start with a Prep Walkthrough

The first thing any good parking garage maintenance company should do is start with a garage walkthrough and prep. During this walkthrough, we will cover all of the smoke detectors, cover all Carbon Monoxide detectors, and sweep up all of the excess debris. 

Occasionally, we will encounter a car or two in the lot. During our walkthrough, we will place cones to ensure they are not affected by the treatment. Starting with a good prep will ensure the parking garage cleaning goes smoothly. 

2. Treat Stains with a Degreaser 

One of the main signs of a neglected parking garage is the collection of oil and grease stains. That is why we do a separate treatment on any spills found in the garage and hit it with a powerful degreaser. 

These stains can be slippery and unsightly, which makes it a good idea to have them regularly removed. Additionally, you wouldn’t want your customers to mistake one of your stains for leakage from their vehicle! Save them and yourself from the added stress by using a professional parking garage cleaning company to properly lift the stains. 

3. Run Through with a Detail Power Wash

The most noticeable treatment in our process is our use of a “detailed power wash” on the floor sections. This means we go through and blast free all the sand, salt, ground in dirt, or other debris that has collected over time. These materials can become embedded into the surface and will not come out without a power washing treatment. 

In this featured video, you can see how effective a detailed power wash can be on tough grime and dirt. It is almost soothing to watch the dirt, sand, salt, and more — just wash away with the right amount of pressure. Be sure to check out our other photos to see the before/after of an effective power washing. 

4. Floor Rinse to Collect/Remove Debris

Once all of the dirt and grime has been lifted from the concrete or asphalt—it is then time to do a thorough flush and rinse on those areas to contain all of the dirt, sand, salt, debris, etc. 

Once we have the leftover sediment pushed into piles, we carefully scoop them up and dispose of them in the proper container. This ensures that the debris won’t wash back into the lot after it rains. It also helps avoid debris falling into drains and causing a backup in the system. 

After we are done with our flush/rinse, we do another once-over to double-check that there is no splatter on the windows, walls, or any other stationery items, such as:

  • Cars
  • ATMs
  • Pillars
  • Handrails
  • Stairways 
  • Other objects

5. Rinse/ Repeat Method 

While you may think we are finished after ALL of that… as a professional parking garage cleaning company—we utilize the rinse and repeat method so the job is absolutely perfect! Think of the ‘rinse and repeat method’ in the same way you would use your shampoo and conditioner. The best results are when you cover all the areas with the proper cleaning steps. 

We only consider a job done when the entire job is squeaky clean! 

6. Final Touchup Walkthrough 

As a final precaution, we do one last walkthrough to make sure we haven’t missed anything “behind the ears” in the parking lot/garage. This also gives us another chance to see how other levels have dried and to double-check that they didn’t need another cleaning and apply touch-ups. 

After we determine that the job is done—we go back and remove the covers we placed on the detectors and notify the client we have finished. We value our relationships and want you to have the best results from every job! 

Are you interested in having your parking lot or garage cleaned? Contact our team of professionals and get on our schedule today! Call 262-439-8419 or click here to contact one of our representatives and we will whip your parking garage back into shape!