Commercial Parking Garage Cleaning

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What do you need to know before scheduling a power cleaning? And how do you know a premier power washing company when you see one?

Whether parking garage cleaning or a simpler garage floor cleaning, here are some of the questions Milwaukee customers ask.

Q: Does a parking garage really need to be power washed?

A: Yes – because so much of a parking garage is an interior space, the surfaces of these facilities get grimy, dirty and unsightly. In addition, salt and other debris can shorten the life of concrete surfaces. And of course, a dirty parking garage reflects poorly on the business or businesses the parking garage serves.

Q: How long does a cleaning take?

A: Most garages we clean can be completed in one day – five to seven hours. A very large garage can take multiple days to clean.

Q: How often should a parking garage owner or manager plan to have a parking garage cleaning done?

A: Most garages are power washed once per year. This allows the garages to be cleaned of all salt and other debris to help retain the life of the concrete floor.  If not cleaned on a regular basis the concrete can start to spall (deteriorate) and break apart. Once that starts to happen, it cannot be reversed.  There are some garages who budget for multiple cleanings every year. We do provide discounts for multiple cleanings in the same calendar year.

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