Parking Lot Car Stops/Signage

At Pentagon Property Services, we understand the importance of car stops and parking lot signage cannot be overstated. Although sometimes overlooked, they play a significant role in ensuring a pedestrian safe and stress-free experience at your property.

Car stops, also known as known as wheel stops or parking blocks, are the simple blocking mechanisms that are used to stop a vehicle from rolling forward when parked in a particular area. Similar to speed bumps in the way that they are made, car stops are usually taller and they have steeper sides. While speed bumps are meant to be driven over, car stops are actually meant to prevent a car from moving. Car stops can come in a variety of materials including recycled plastic, rubber, or concrete.

Installing Car Stops
Parking Garage Painting and Signage

Signage in your parking lot is vital for informing your customers and ensuring they have a safe experience while visiting your property. Not only is it used to direct your customers to where they need to go, but proper signage is also oftentimes required in most jurisdictions. At Pentagon Property Services, we only use the current DOT-Approved signage on our projects.

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