Commercial Parking Lot Striping Milwaukee

Pentagon Property Services is proud to be Milwaukee’s top parking lot striping company. We bring over 22 years of experience to each job and our clients include some of the biggest parking lots and garages in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Once a parking lot or garage has been cleaned, oftentimes the old stall lines and directional markings aren’t as visible as they once were. In addition to decreasing the overall appearance of a parking lot or garage, this creates a potentially confusing and unsafe environment for customers.

Parking Lot That Needs To Be Painted
Parking Lot Signage and Striping

Whether you need a complete or partial re-stripe, a new lay-out, or just the addition of pavement legends, we proudly offer professional and affordable parking lot striping services that will meet your needs. We also can provide curb and island painting, parking post and sign installation, speed bump and parking block installation, and concrete grinding services.

Depending on your facility’s needs, we will work with you to define a plan that fits within your project’s budget. Contact us today and one of our professionals will visit your facility to give you a free assessment and quote on parking lot striping. We look forward to working with you!

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