Commercial Sidewalk Cleaning Milwaukee

Pentagon Property Services – #1 rated Milwaukee Sidewalk Cleaning company.

Have you ever walked up the entryway of a property and noticed it was in need of a good sidewalk cleaning and/or gum removal service?

Sidewalks can sustain damage from sticky gum, drinks like coffee and soda, ice cream, and garbage bags that leak. If these stains are not removed promptly, they become more difficult to clean. Old stains become deeply embedded into the surface. This can often lead to the entire sidewalk needing to be replaced. In the Milwaukee area, replacing a sidewalk can cost about fifty times the cost of power washing.

To maintain a clean storefront, hotel entryway, restaurant, office building, or shopping center, requires the care of an experienced power washing service. Pentagon Property Services uses high pressure and hot water to produce the highest quality power washing service available. Our crews are always careful to rinse any backsplash off of windows following a cleaning. They also make sure that water does not penetrate underneath the doorways. If required, they can bring their own water supply for the job.

We have flexible scheduling and are available during daytime and nighttime hours throughout the week. Schedule Pentagon Property Services for an affordable and convenient service!

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