Commercial Warehouse Cleaning Services

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Commercial Warehouse Cleaning Services

Milwaukee area Power Washing and Cleaning

Let’s say a new property owner takes over a building that went up for sale. The company that bought it is bringing in a T-shirt printing business, but prior to selling, it had been a machine shop for 20 plus years. There are oil and grease stains all over the ceilings, walls, and floors. Every surface is covered with thick dust.  Basically…the place is a mess. So obviously, you want to thoroughly clean the facility before bringing in new equipment and materials for shirt printing. But where to start?

That is where Pentagon Property Services, comes in. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to help take almost any dirty or stained surface and return it to its former glory.

In fact, the example we gave above was an actual project we recently completed.  For the machine shop turned printing press, we began as we typically do, covering all of the electrical connections, boxes, and switches that we can’t get wet. Then, we applied our degreaser to the walls, floor, and ceilings, let it sit for a few minutes and followed it up with our hot high-power washer to remove it all. No drain in your facility like on this project? No problem, we bring in shop vacs or in cases where there are large volumes of water, industrial pumps that will remove the excess water.

Own a facility now that you want cleaned?  Pentagon has also done warehouse cleaning projects that included the equipment used by the manufacturer currently in the facility. In those cases, we have to be extra careful to properly shut down the equipment being cleaned, isolate and cover the electrical systems and pay close attention to any chemicals we are using in case any of the products produced in the facility are food grade, etc.  In one recent warehouse cleaning example, we used extremely hot water (180°) instead of chemicals because the equipment we were cleaning was used to produce food grade plastics. Regular cleaning not only improves the look of your facility but also can help extend the life span on your equipment.

Determining how easily something can be cleaned comes on a case by case basis.  Many times, we’ll go take a look at a property to determine what it will take to clean the property.  And as much as our cleaning ability is case by case, the duration of each project also depends on the circumstances surrounding how we can best accomplish the cleaning for the customer. In some cases, we may need only a couple of hours.  In other cases, it might take a couple of days.

So if you’re moving out, moving in, or just want a nice clean warehouse space to work in, contact Pentagon Property Services today 262-439-8419 or click here to tell us about your job. Headquartered in New Berlin, we take on projects not only in Milwaukee and Waukesha but throughout all of Southeastern Wisconsin.  One of our professionals will be happy to visit your property and give you a free assessment and quote on cleaning your warehouse space. We look forward to working with you!