Looking for a Good Garage Cleaning Company in Southeastern Wisconsin?

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How do you know what a “good” garage power wash cleaner in Southeastern Wisconsin looks like?
Here are a few tips before you start your search for a great Milwaukee power washing and garage cleaning company.
1. Ask what surfaces will be cleaned. All surfaces of a garage get dirty. Choose a company that specializes in power washing all garage surfaces – floors, sidewalks and, if needed, walls.
2. Ask for a quote or estimate – free of charge. Does the company you’re talking with provide cost estimates free of charge? Make sure that’s included.
3. Insure they’re insured. Choose a company that’s fully licensed, bonded and insured.
4. Ask how they avoid damage to vehicles. You need to protect the vehicles of the people who use the garage. Ask the company how they make sure vehicles are not damaged.
5. How’s their safety record? A company that does things right always insures work is safely carried out.

Don’t forget to ask around your circle of business acquaintances:

Word of mouth is always the best indicator of quality and satisfaction. To learn more about Pentagon’s garage cleaning services, as well as parking lot striping and parking lot cleaning, visit:

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