Milwaukee Graffiti Removal

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Graffiti Removal

Do you think much about graffiti removal in Milwaukee? You might not – and that’s probably because Milwaukee has a reputation for staying on top of graffiti. Thus, it’s never gotten a foothold here. Pentagon is pleased to be a part of that effort, whether in the removal of graffiti on buildings, walls, or surrounding streets and highways.

  1. Non-toxic graffiti removal solutions

    People often wonder how graffiti is removed, because it seems it would be hard to do. It usually involves spray paint removal. If the graffiti is on bare cement, block, or brick surface, we apply a non-toxic, biodegradable solution to first soften the paint of the graffiti. 

  2. Power washing graffiti removal solutions

    We then utilize our power washers to blast the paint away. If the graffiti is on signage, metal, glass, or a similar surface, we have a different non-toxic, biodegradable solution we apply with a spray bottle and then use a rag to simply wipe it off. 

  3. Color-matching graffiti removal solutions

    If the graffiti is on the painted block, brick, wood, or other painted surface, we will color-match as best we can and paint over the graffiti to cover it up.

How are Pentagon’s graffiti removal methods better than other solutions?

While other companies’ sandblasting and soda blasting are effective in removing the graffiti, both of those techniques can cause irreversible damage to the building surface. Also, both of those techniques leave behind a lot of sand or baking soda. That’s why we remove graffiti as outlined above. Finally, Pentagon’s response time for removing graffiti is within 48 hours of being contacted by our customer. Most other companies do not have that kind of response time.

Can you get any kind of graffiti off any kind of surface?

We can (and probably have) removed graffiti from almost any surface you can think of!

Find out more about Pentagon’s power washing, graffiti removal, and parking lot striping for Milwaukee office parking, Milwaukee bars and restaurant parking, and Milwaukee apartments at Or call us (262) 439-8419.

We’re all over metro Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin, and as always – we’re here to help!