Parking Garage Cleaning Basics

In Commercial Services by Kurt Wahlen


Whether you’re wondering about your Milwaukee office parking garage, an apartment or condominium parking structure, or the highly trafficked Milwaukee bar/restaurant parking structures downtown, here are the basic steps – all done by hand.

  1. Pre-treating: Our first step is pre-treating nasty spots and stains with a de-greaser. This includes all oil, beverage spills, and other stains on parking surfaces, walls, and sidewalks.
  2. Detailing: We then “detail,” or specifically clean the garage floor with hand-held pressure wands, blasting loose all dirt, sand, debris and stains.
  3. Flushing: We then carefully rinse the floor with hand-held wands to make sure the loose dirt, sand and other debris doesn’t just lay there but is contained.
  4. Piling and scooping: As we’re flushing, we make piles of the debris and scoop them up in buckets. This insures the sand and debris are not going down the drain and potentially plugging the drain system.

How long does it parking garage power washing take?

On average, each Pentagon cleaning specialist completes approximately 3,000 square feet per hour – so most garage power washings can be completed in five to seven hours, though a really large parking garage can take several days. 

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