Parking Lot Striping Dimensions and Guidelines

In Commercial Services by Kurt Wahlen

Dimensions for Parking Lot Striping

Size dimensions for parking spaces that are fairly uniform. Most parking stalls we stripe have a space allocation of 18 feet long and nine feet wide – though revenue-generating parking lots and garages try to maximize the number of vehicles they can accommodate, meaning they may go as narrow as eight feet wide.

Are there restrictions on spacing dimensions or the number of spaces that need to be provided in a city/municipal lot?

There are no restrictions on the number of spaces or the dimensions of parking stalls other than the requirement for handicapped stalls.

Are handicap stalls striped differently?

All handicapped stalls must be a minimum of eight feet wide. They also need a dedicated, adjacent “access aisle” – either a five-foot access aisle for a regular handicapped stall or an eight-foot access aisle for a van-accessible handicapped stall.

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