Power Washing, Power Scrubbing and Power Sweeping in Milwaukee and Southeast WI

In Commercial Services by Kurt Wahlen


Power washing 

The most detailed and, thus, the most thorough cleaning you can get for a garage because it allows us to thoroughly clean every square foot of the garage floor. With the hard-hitting handheld wands of the power washer, we can spend more time focusing on stains and smaller areas, including tight doorway areas and thresholds, sidewalks, and pedestrian areas.

Power scrubbing 

Typically done when when there are known drainage issues or no drains. Power scrubbing is a step below power washing in that only water and brushes are used to perform the cleaning. Power scrubbing can be an effective alternative to power washing, but isn’t always cheaper and does not provide quite the same quality results as power washing. 

Power sweeping

Cleaning the floor of any loose dirt, sand, and other debris in the garage. As it does not clean or remove stains, power sweeping may be appropriate for less-tough cleaning jobs. Power sweeping only removes what is already loose on the ground.  

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