Power Washing Precautions

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Things to be Aware of When Power Washing

Can vehicles be damaged as a result of power washing services?

At Pentagon, we do our best to safely clean around any vehicles or other items not removed for the cleaning and, while the chances of damage occurring are possible, it is very unlikely. Any vehicles or items left in the garage may get dirty and possibly a little wet, but we do our best to clean around them.

Are there any fire risks when hiring power wash services?

There are virtually no fire risks during a cleaning. 

Are there other reasons besides appearance to keep a parking garage clean?

Cleaning a parking garage can really extend the lifespan of the concrete/asphalt/traffic membrane coating of the garage floor. When concrete is poured, typically metal rebar or another wire mesh is used to help hold the concrete together.

If garages are not properly cleaned out, the salt brought in from vehicles in winter can penetrate the concrete and start deteriorating the metal holding the concrete together. Once that happens, the metal starts to crumble and no longer holds the concrete together – which means the concrete is going to start falling apart. There is no reversing the process. The concrete will need to be replaced which is far more expensive and time-consuming than having it power washed on a regular basis. 

Obviously, another reason to keep the garage cleaned is that all the dirt from the garage will get tracked into the building, causing rugs, carpets, floors, etc. to get dirty as well.  

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