Top Reasons to Maintenance Your Parking Lot/Garage During the Lockdown

In Parking Lot Services by Kurt Wahlen

We are all familiar with the hardships that come with living during this lockdown. Social distancing has had a major impact on numerous businesses and significantly reduced the amount of foot traffic. We hope everyone has remained safe during the pandemic and are following the proper protocols to help flatten the curve. As business owners, you may ask yourself:

“How can I make the best of an empty parking lot/garage?”

As an essential business, we are committed to helping other businesses through this difficult time and think it is the perfect time to remind everyone to pay attention to their parking lot/garage’s health. Here are a few ways that you can take advantage of an empty lot and extend the life of your parking lot/garage.

Refresh Your Lot Striping

Painting a parking lot can be a difficult task—especially when you have to work around parked vehicles. A good parking lot line-striping job requires focus and attention to detail. Parking lot maintenance is exponentially easier when you do not need to work around cars or trucks. That is why now is the perfect time to renew your parking lot stripes and add a fresh coat of paint. Using a professional parking lot striping company, such as Pentagon Property Services, will add value to your lot while giving it a brand new look. You can also use this time to adjust the spacing between parking spaces and add additional parking spots to your lot!
Avoid Paint Smearing

As mentioned previously, one of the most challenging parts about parking lot maintenance is having to work around people and their daily movements. Putting up cones to encourage people to avoid wet paint can only go so far. Lot maintenance requires the absence of parked vehicles, and of course, no one wants to reduce the number of parking spots for customers.

Having an empty lot will prove itself useful for parking lot maintenance because you can lay a fresh set of paint without worrying that it will be driven over, stepped in, or reduce the parking availability. Use this time to apply a new set of parking lot stripes without having to worry about the paint job being compromised.

Clean the Hard-to-Reach Areas

As we all know, there are always going to be areas of a lot/garage that will be difficult to clean. Most pressure washers or street sweeps require ample space to do their job well. As a professional power washing and parking lot striping company, we are always considerate about the surrounding people and vehicles. For others, working around vehicles/people can cause the job to take longer and, in some cases, force them to avoid cleaning necessary spots.

With an empty parking lot, you have the ability to utilize a professional parking lot cleaning company to clean those hard-to-reach spots.

Clean Up After Seinfeld

If you haven’t seen the ‘parking lot’ episode of Seinfeld—than you are in luck. For those who HAVE seen the episode, you know that regular parking lot/garage cleanings are crucial. No matter what happens in your lot, have peace-of-mind by scheduling a parking lot cleaning. Sometimes you have to look the other way…(okay, to see what we’re talking about and to have a laugh, click here!)

One Time Power Wash!

Imagine having your parking lot/garage power washed in one take! Considering the lack of cars, our skilled power washing professionals are ready to knock out your parking lot [or parking garage] cleaning swiftly and with efficiency. Most jobs can take hours because of the roaming public. Power washing cleaning is the most efficient form of parking lot cleaning and is best served hot!

Have a Sweep that Matters

Regularly sweeping your parking garage or parking lot is a great way to show consistency and cleanliness. Unfortunately, sweeping dust and debris are difficult—especially when you have numerous people walking through your dust/debris piles! Harness your empty lot to have an extra clean lot, without interruption. Find out how we can help you perform the best parking lot maintenance during this downtime.

Are you ready to improve your parking lot or parking garage? Utilize your empty lot to schedule a parking lot cleaning or striping with Pentagon Property Services! If you have a parking lot or parking garage—click here to find out how we can help upgrade your lot!